Writing a feature story powerpoint

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Feature Writing. diansmit. Download Let's Connect. Share Add to Flag Embed. Copy embed code: What is feature writing? Think of the feature story as a news story written like a piece of short fiction. You must combine the rigors of factual reporting with the creative freedom of short. A comprehensive list of PowerPoint presentation tips and tricks.

Microsoft PowerPoint has been around since and is by far the most popular presentation tool on the market but many people still struggle to give effective presentations. FEATURE WRITING Think of the Feature Story as a news story written like a piece of short fiction 6.

FEATURE WRITING You must combine the rigors of factual reporting with the creative freedom of short-story writing 7. FEATURE WRITING Readers would have to read the whole story to understand it 8.

ASNE Lesson Plans for Feature Writing Day One Feature Writing Lesson – Day One Feature Writing PowerPoint – Day One Feature Story Prompter Day Two Feature Writing Lesson – Day Two Feature Writing PowerPoint – Day Two Feature Story Planner Other Lesson Plans Feature Writing: Where do I begin?

Writing an effective feature story A. If you don’t save your file, or your file crashes you’ll be able to recover it later using the default Auto-Save features of Office ! Note this feature only works for the following Office. Guidelines for Writing a Feature Story. Choose a single focus and interview only on that--do not do a biography.

Feature leads may be more than one paragraph long and usually do not include the. The main purposes of a feature lead are to set the tone and get the reader's attention.

Writing a feature story powerpoint
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