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Observe for issues, problems, or achievements in your community. Of particular concern to us was the development of theme-based packages of instructional materials that are authentic, exploitable and relevant to the theme under study Brinton et ah, What follows in the subsequent pages is a description of the procedures we followed in developing curriculum objectives, perspectives on instruction, material selection and adaptation, and evaluation guidelines.

This article describes the authors' experience in developing a theme-based English as a foreign language EFL curriculum to be implemented nation-wide in the Republic of Lebanon.

The writer retains the right to the written work and is responsible for making the final decision about any changes. Downloaded by [American University of Beirut] at During pre-writing, learners explore and conceptualise their topics through a variety of heuristic ghazi ghaith writing a cover, Downloaded by [American University of Beirut] at Teams can earn certificates or other symbols of achievement based on the progress made by all team members.

List and describe some memorable feelings you have had, and explain the situation in which they occurred. Describe the evidence that you have for this e.

Speaking Likewise, oral fluency instruction aims at engaging learners in meaningful, referential, and exploratory talk as they express their needs, feelings, and intellectual positions in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Ghaith American University of BeirutLebanon This article reports the results of a mixed-methods study of the perceptions of a selected group of experienced teachers of English as a foreign language of the challenges and potentials of using various cooperative learning methods in the context of achieving the communicative and social goals of a modern theme-based curriculum.

Keep track of interesting vocabulary, story plots, and characters. Writing Regarding the writing skill, the new curriculum proclaims a process-oriented view of composing which involves having learners go through the following stages: During the drafting stage of the writing process, meaning begins to evolve.

In addition, the new curriculum aimed at involving learners in their own learning by engaging them in meaningful and interactive performance tasks as they acquire a wide range of language forms, structures, and functions needed for immediate success in an all-English curriculum at all levels of instruction.

Listing ideas and information List such things as the activities that interest you, the sports you play, the clubs that you belong to, and the community and world issues that you know about from the media.

These tools were intended to reflect the questioning and answering schemes and strategies adopted in the new curriculum, a practice in agreement with current views in testing which hold Downloaded by [American University of Beirut] at A detailed description of the dynamics of these structures may be found in Slavin To develop an initial plan for drafting, students organize the information they have generated during pre-writing by using such structures as outlines, story frames, maps, diagrams, charts, and concept webs.

To reflect upon their own writing, students can conference with self, peers and the teacher.

Keep track of interesting vocabulary, story plots, and characters. Following teacher instruction, students work together to help each other master material presented by the teacher, discussing, arguing, teaching, explaining, elaborating, assessing one another, and trying together to build an understanding of the academic content.

They also enrich their requisite background knowledge for comprehension, set expectations for reading, confirm their expectations, and finally critique and evaluate their comprehension.

The procedures are suggestive and not definitive in nature as the curriculum will be piloted and revised in order to ensure proper implementation.

Where is it leading. Quickly walk the students through this activity, question by question, so they record the first thoughts and reactions that the pictures generate, rather than dwelling too long on one question.

To consider format, students will use audience and purpose to determine format and genre. What is the attitude of the other characters to the main character.

Pre-writing prompts or activities planned by the teacher can serve as writing scaffolds for inexperienced writers who have difficulty accessing their own feelings, ideas, experiences, and knowledge.

Selected materials were first photocop- ied, typed, and then sequenced and matched with instructional objectives. Because instructors have already achieved an in-depth comprehension of the underlying concepts and principles of their discipline, it is easy to assume that explanations alone will be sufficient to transfer this understanding to students.

What might happen next. The writer identifies what aspects of the written work will be the focus of the conference e.

Name several places you have visited and list descriptive words for each place. Preparing To Go Public When students have an authentic audience and purpose, they want to rework their written drafts, polishing them for presentation or publication.

A Time to Indulge At this point in the process, the emphasis is on content and meaning rather than on mechanics and conventions. Instruction is organised according to the proficiency levels of learners as they gradually develop their skills of using formulaic expressions, information routines describ- ing, comparing, telling stories, and giving instructionsand transactional routines telephone conversations, interviews, and discussions to negotiate and construct meaning.

It may even be useful to take a trip to a local museum or art gallery.

Then their writings go to public through 1. For instance, the speaking skill can be thought of as an interpersonal skill involving two-way communication and negotiation of meaning when two or more interlocutors converse about a certain topic.

After reading, students from different teams who had the same topic meet in "expert groups" to discuss what they have learned, and then the "experts" return to their teams and take turns presenting and discussing their findings.

Following those curricular plans and guidelines, we identified three major goals of teaching EFL, namely, using English as a medium of instruction in content areas; using English for communication in social settings; and using correct and appropriate English academically, socially, and culturally.

In this regard, the operations and conditions of the language skills involving comprehension listening and reading differed slightly from those involved in the communication skills of speaking and writing. View the profiles of people named Ghazi Ghaith.

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Writing is a complex process that allows writers to explore thoughts and ideas, and make them visible and concrete. Writing encourages thinking and learning for it motivates communication and makes thought available for reflection.

When thought is written down, ideas can be examined, reconsidered, added to, rearranged, and changed. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences, AUB’s oldest and largest faculty, encourages students to be inquisitive and critical, teaches them how to speak, how to write, how to learn, how to present opposing views, and how to navigate ambiguities.

Ghazi Ghaith, AUB professor and chairman of the University’s Education Department was honored for His professional interests include curriculum development and material writing and his research focuses on the applications of cooperative learning in language teaching and teacher education.

Assessing writing in the English as a second/foreign language classroom Teachers and coordinators of English, Arabic, or French at all levels of instruction except pre-school.

Feb. 20, Dr. Ghazi Ghaith & Mrs.

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Samar Harkous-Rihan 27 2. Energy and renewable energies: Join the race and save the planet. Elementary, Middle & Secondary. – The findings indicate that the basic scientific and technological skills of reading critically and writing persuasively as well as accessing and using information efficiently have been achieved to a great extent in the context of the study; whereas, mathematical and scientific skills and global awareness and cross‐cultural issues still need more.

Ghazi ghaith writing a cover
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